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Sponser Soda Loader

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Soda Loader is a slightly flavoured beverage powder with sodium citrate and bicarbonate for young active ambitious athletes which are practising very intensive sport activities, so-called anaerobic lactic.
During high intensity performances, the accumulation of lactate is often limiting the performance. As a consequence, it comes to a short term drop of the pH value of the blood.
Soda Loader is a competition supplement for ambitious athletes of all disciplines, in which lactate rises are performance-limiting such as rowing, sprint disciplines, skiing, swimming, etc.
Registered in Switzerland as a new type of dietary supplements for athletes: BAG N Nr. 100730.
– Delaying hyperacidity of muscles
– Well tolerated bicarbonates and sodium citrate due to intake several days before the competition days
– Lightly flavoured

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Vanilla, Coffee, Grape, Raspberry, Cool Mint, Citrus, Cola Kick, Fruit Burst, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Banana


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