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COMPETITION® is an acid free sports drink formulated for the rapid replacement of fluid, carbohydrates and electrolytes. Thanks to its special composition and its neutral or very light flavouring, Competition is also optimally appropriate in high concentrations and intensities.
Appropriate to support the physical performance during endurance exercise as well as for rehydration of the fluid losses after physical activities.
Scientifically designed with a combination of various kinds of sugars for use in conjunction with an appropriate physical training and exercise program, as well as a nutritious diet.
– Free of acid, it is a pH neutral competition drink
– Hypotonic also with a dosage of 100g/liter
– High molecular starch hydrolysates with a very low osmolarity
– Isomaltulose (glucose + fructose) and trehalose (glucose + fructose)
FLAVOUR: Citrus & Fruit Mix

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Vanilla, Coffee, Grape, Raspberry, Cool Mint, Citrus, Cola Kick, Fruit Burst, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Banana


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