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Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet


Up’n’Down is an adjustment system that always gives the perfect fit to your helmet. After putting on the helmet and fastening the chinstrap, the self-adjusting lateral divider moves to fit comfortably around the ear, so you won’t need to do anything else. This means freedom of movement and great comfort for all head shapes and sizes.

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Produced using the innovative In-Moulding system, the Vertigo 2.0 incorporates the Up‘n’Down adjustment system that, thanks to its unique double pivot design, gives the most precise and comfortable fit of any helmet. This enables the back of the head to be cradled by the straps which are then easily tightened to the correct tension by a central ratchet wheel. This fitting system is combined together with highly breathable, non-slip EVA padding to ensure exceptional comfort. The Vertigo 2.0 benefits from new CoolMax® inner padding, new thinner nylon chinstrap and no printing on the Up‘n’Down system. It is 20g lighter than the original Vertigo helmet. The Vertigo 2.0 offers great mechanical resiliance thanks to the innovative internal strengthening frame that helps maintain the helmet’s integrity after impact. Excellent ventilation is achieved by the 24 air intakes. The self-adjusting lateral divider provides great user comfort with minimal adjustment required. After putting on the helmet and fastening the chinstrap, you don’t need to do anything else as the divider moves to fit comfortably around the ear lobe. The ergonomic design means it’s great for all head shapes and sizes and guarantees freedom of movement.

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