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Continental GP TT Folding Clincher Tyre 23C


  • Optimised-rolling-resistance competition tyre for TT’s & Triathlon
  • Ultra-fast semi-slick profile for racing against the clock
  • Excellent puncture protection thanks to Vectran™ puncture protection insert
  • Excellent grip and efficient rolling thanks to BlackChili Compound; pure competition tyre with reduced mileage

Continental GP TT Folding Clincher Tyre 23C - 3

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A new relationship between grip and rolling resistance

  • This unique tread rubber mixture which is only produced in our German factory has revolutionised bicycle tyres
  • BlackChili Compound improves rolling resistance by 26 % and provides 30 % more grip than activated silica compounds
  • Premium tyres with BlackChili Compound also impress with higher mileage and unlike many multi-compounds, provide a constant ride from the first to the last kilometre

Blackchili Compound

The benchmark in puncture protection

Vectran™ is a synthetically manufactured high-tech fibre from a natural model. Like spider silk, Vectran™ is a liquid-crystalline polymer (LCP). Vectran™ is spun from the melted liquid polymer Vectra and processed further to a multi-strand thread. Spider silk like Vectran™ has an enormous tear resistance at a very low weight: Exactly the right properties to process into a premium Continental bicycle tyre as a puncture protection insert. A Vectran™ Breaker is lighter, more flexible and protects more effectively against cuts than the comparable nylon breaker. Vectran™ Breaker does not adversely affect the rolling resistance.


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