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Catlike Rapid Tri Helmet


RAPID TRI triathlon helmet includes three points of ventilation strategically placed in order to guarantee ventilation without compromise aerodynamics. That is what we call “TRI VENTILATION”. The first point is in the frontal area of the helmet: two air vents in the front and another two in the rear part. This ventilation linked by an internal air-channel guarantee a continuous air flow in the upper area of the head where heat accumulates. At the same time the frontal position of the air vents do not compromise the aerodynamics of the helmet. These four holes create constant airflow that cools the temperature of the head. The second and third ventilation points are located in the lateral parts of the RAPID, where the air flows thanks to the openings created in the visor and along the side of the helmet. The ears are a temperature sensor, so these two constant air channels are essential for the riders to keep them refreshed.


  • MPS eVo (Multi Position System Evolution)
  • 100% EPS to reduce weight
  • PPE – eco friendly, recyclable
  • Thermy-Tex antibacterial and superabsorbent treatment
  • Tri Ventilation

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MT 54 – 59cm 415gr


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