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ASSOS Shorts T.FF1



As part of our collaboration with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 team we have created the FF_1 capsule collection. These shorts have been specifically designed to leverage and surpass the groundbreaking technology used in both our Campionissimo and Equipe S7 generation of shorts, to create what we believe is the perfect union of our passion for bikes and cars. Taking the performance gains of our TypeA.444 ergoKompressor fabric used in our Campionissimo shorts and matching it with the Royal Comfort of the Equipe insert, we have created a racing-cut pair of shorts that rival the engineering seen in the most technologically advanced motorsport in the world, Formula 1, making them something for the true racer.

These shorts are not simply a mix of the T.equipe_S7 and T.campionissimo_S7. They have numerous specific details that deliver increased comfort and crucial design aspects that increase performance, all added as part of our collaboration with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 team. Leveraging the performance gains seen in our T.campionissimo_S7 shorts, we have used our TypeA.444 ergoKompressor fabric throughout these shorts. The resulting feeling of compression and performance is unmatched.

  • We have introduced our new Type.490 fabric in the front panel. It’s highly elastic, low volume and quick drying to maximize your riding comfort.
  • In addition, this front panel has a raw cut that has been refined with an external silicon tape, eliminating any possible friction against the edge of this panel.
  • For increased comfort we have used the insert from our T.equipe_S7 short, which is a favourite among the riders on our Equipe Exploit racing team. It gives you S7 generation Royal Comfort to allow you to suffer in comfort.
  • At the rear of the insert we have added our rear terminal technology to make the construction even more robust, while increasing comfort by protecting the shorts from possible abrasion against the seams.
  • Coming in our racing cut and taking the feedback from our test team riders, we have cut the legs of these shorts 1 cm longer than the other ones in our S7 generation, making them the ultimate choice of the true racer.

Additional information

Size (height)

XS 150-159 cm, S 159-169 cm, M 169-179 cm, L 179-185 cm, XL 185-190 cm, XLG 190-195 cm, TIR XLG but wider


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