Pinarello: The bikes

Pure Italian mastery.

Cicli Pinarello S.R.L. is one of the most famous and winning bike manufacturers in the world. Founded in Treviso (Italy) in 1952 by Giovanni (Nani) Pinarello, it produces high end racing bikes. This name, Pinarello, recalls legendary victories of the greatest cyclists of all times: since 1975, the first victory in Giro d’Italia with Fausto Bertoglio, Pinarello has won all the most important races in the world, including Olympics, World Championships and Tour de France.Pinarello has always been synonymous with innovation and performance. In every area and segment, the DNA Pinarello leads to research the technical solutions that best interpret the rider’s needs. With this same philosophy, the project to create a new weapon for World Tour races was approached. It took almost 2 years of research and development, but PinaLab is proud to present our new project… the DOGMA F12.

Design is not just about making the bikes look good, but how to combine
geometrical, aerodynamic and engineering needs.
The skill of the designer is in knowing how to work all of this in,
while creating an exciting object.
What do you say… we did it?

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