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National Series Cyclocross 2 rounds over 2 days rd. 3&4 in Melbourne


Day1: I woke up and it was absolutely freezing but I braved it out and didn’t wear arm warmers etc, but hey, I’m tough (ahaha). So at the start line they called us up in age group and order of highest series points. But considering I was alone in my age group, I got called up with the elite women. Starting on the right hand side in second row, I was nervous being side by side with these girls. I had a top start, about sixth into the first corner, so quite impressed. Sitting in with the girls we got to the first climb and a big traffic jam, letting a few girls pass as I sat in. At the end of every lap there was a tower of stairs and then around a stake and up an insane steep hill. I got off ran up the stairs around the stake and then with my bike on my shoulder, head down and just went for it, passing a couple of women (haha). I finished

the first day winning my age group and finishing in mid pack of all women which I was happy with.

Day2: A lot of CLIMBING, It was not fun. Tight off camber turns and tricky descents but hey I knew I had to do this. Starting 2 nd row of the elites again I got a bad start not being able to clip in. But I was okay as we got to the first decent and it was hell with everyone on their breaks, but I just went around the outside passing a couple using my mountain bike skills to get down. But at the bottom it was a U- turn straight into those bloody stairs!, it was horrible and then after the stairs a nice ride uphill through sand. I didn’t come off but I was close to it. I got to do my favourite section which was like a little pump track. I would pick up so much speed. Getting a call out from the commissar saying I was sitting in with the elites after my first lap which I was proud of. Keeping the same pace the whole way through, I finished with 1 age grouper in front of me and maybe 2-3 elites behind me so I was stoked. I completed 5 laps on both days. Thanks to Chain Gang for the awesome kit and also my amazing bike that I love racing on, next national race is National Championships, hoping to make worlds, fingers crossed.