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It’s been a harder than usual winter for me. Working more, training less, and generally feeling wimpy when it came to getting up in the dark and cold, I’m very pleased to see the sun rise earlier and the temperatures increase so I can more easily get out of bed each morning.

After the XC and XCM Nationals earlier this year to be honest I found myself both mentally and physically drained.  My goal for the winter was simple.  Try not to loose too much fitness!  The best way I’ve found to do this when you’re time poor is to enter a few local races.  I find I’m more motivated to push myself when the competitive juices are flowing.  However, the downside of this strategy is you’re not as competitive as you are when you’re really training and have accept that your results will reflect this.  Pretty humbling really but you can also get some pleasant surprises.

After winning the B Grade in the Sunshine Series in 2013 it didn’t seem right to stay in B Grade this year.  So I moved up knowing this was going to hurt and I really wasn’t up there with the elite women mountain bikers in Queensland.  My results were actually pretty good, given all this. (Helped by the fact that the main contenders were either overseas, injured or sick.)  But you can only race who turns up.  So at the end of the series after racing at 4 of the events held Karingal, Mt Crosby, Samford and OHV  I finished 3rd.  Then another 3rd at the XC State Champs held at Adare.

In between the XC races I included a couple of marathons.  In August I raced Logan’s Run, on the wonderful challenging trails at Mt Joyce, and won the solo women race :-) and then in September finished 6th in the Elite Women race at The Epic.  This year we didn’t need to battle the heat just the mud following a huge downpour on the Saturday night before the race – but that’s mountain biking.

Now spring is here, my mind and body and energised and I’m ready to tackle some new goals.  Engaging Anna Beck from Cyclinic  to help me get the most out of my available training time I’m going to use the next 5 months to get ready for the XC Nationals in Bright, interspersed with a few local long and short distance races along the way. What’s more a Chaingang mountain bike team is in the planning stages, more news on this to follow.

Meanwhile get out there and enjoy this terrific Queensland weather, the awesome trails on our doorstep and remember a good bike ride fixes everything :-)

Special thanks to Chris and the Chain Gang, loving my Focus Raven and Focus Cayo!
Chain Gang, 24/500 Seventeen mile rocks rd, Seventeen mile Rock, 4073. phone (07) 3715 8990, ENJOY THE RIDE!