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I was only able to attend the Sunday leg of the 3+3, but glad that I did because it was a great event and another great MTB experience with the Chain Gang Team. Despite the other CG Team members had all punched out 70k’s on the very rough tracks the day before Capt Clews, Aaron and Fletch were ready to rip in again and were straight into the lead group as the race completed its first lap. That pace was way too hot for me and I was cooking, so I just sat on a pace that I could sustain for 3+hrs. Fast forward to the start of my 7th lap I saw the timing clock and calculated in my fatigued mind that it would be my last lap, so I unloaded everything I could to finish strong. WELL…….. when I finished that lap, happy with my effort and thinking about how good my first icy XXXX was going to taste I spotted that the timing clock still had 55secs still on it. Not having any idea how I was placed or where the next competitor behind me was I started out on the 8th lap on a set of legs and entire body that was just marshmallow. Anyway I survived another lap and to my surprise I was lucky enough to grab a 2nd in my age category and a 7th outright for all Solo riders. Super pumped with the result and walking away with no bark off, but with this being my first season in MTB I owe everything to Clewsy, Aaron and Fletch from The Chain Gang Focus MTB Team for taking me in under their tent and giving me so much training, bike set up and racing advice. You guys are fiercely competitive but are the true sportsman of the sport and have made my MTB racing so much more rewarding. Bloody Legends. You can find all the Focus Bike range of products at the Chain Gang Store 24/500 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road Seventeen Mile Rocks. Thanks,  Cowboy.