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Custom Builds

Owning a bike that meets every desire rarely is available straight off the showroom floor.
You will inevitably want to change or tweak the parts.

Are the bars are the right shape or width? stem the correct length? or the group set have your preferred configuration?

At Chain Gang, many of our bikes start from the ground up giving you the ultimate choice. Starting with your frame, decide on a vast range of engineered premium models from Pinarello, Wilier, Bianchi, Colnago, Cervelo or Fondriest.

There is often multiple colour options from the factory but at this stage we can also arrange custom paint to really make your bike unique and stand out from the crowd.

Choose your wheels. This is one area that can really define your ride.

Deep dish wheels for holding top speed. Wheels that are agile for racing or lightweight climbing and everything in between.

Group sets; these working mechanics. Personal choice between the brands offering different perspectives on how the gears all change. The minor choices of crank length and gearing sizes can be an particularily important decision when taking into account your bike fit and personal geometry requirments.

Bars, Stem, Seatpost and saddle selection will all vary in bike fitting and also offers an opportunity to add compfort and performance along with style to personalize a bike and reflect your own preferences.

Finishing touches, add flare with bar tape, bottle cages and other designer accessories.

Frame, Colour, Size, Wheels,Tyres, Crank Size, Gear ratios, Derailleur type, Group set, Saddle, Shape and style, Seat post, setback, design and style, Handle bars, size and shape, Stem, length and style, Bar tape, colour, comfort and style, Cables, colour and quality, Pedals, Bottle cages, Mounts and accessories. Build it your way!



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