Chain Gang is the one-stop shop for road bike, triathlon bike, cyclocross bike and mountain bike devotees. We can help find which bike for sale best suit you, provide training and coaching, and repair your ride.

Chain Gang is the bike store run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. We are here for anyone who loves the adrenalin of getting up early to feel the rush of pedalling their fastest on a road bike or cyclocross bike, shredding trails on their mountain bike, or pushing themselves to the limit to get their best time on a triathlon bike.

Stocking a wide range of Road bikes, Triathlon bikes, Mountain bikes and Urban Flatbar bikes, we will find that right bike for your riding style and comfort. Once you have chosen your bike, we can fit your new bike right here in store. We also provide maintenance and repair services on Mountain, Triathlon and Road bikes to keep your bike performing on the road or off the beaten track.

Catering to serious and recreational cyclists, Chain Gang offers friendly, knowledgeable assistance and the advice of accredited cycling coaches for training.

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